Tim Dailey

Boss Man

Cow ham hock sausage ribeye fatback. Pig sausage turducken, beef drumstick corned beef andouille.

Steph Dailey

Boss Lady

Burgdoggen pork chicken, spare ribs cupim landjaeger shankle jowl flank porchetta swine.

Roshano Ramoon


Roshano Ramoon assists in both Cay-Shred and File-Safe activities providing much needed assistance in both areas.

Al Shields


Al Shields came on board in XXX and manages the File-Safe warehouse. His focus on detail and security ensure clients’

Ainsley Hall


Ainsley (Twissy) Hall joined the company in XXX and has been the lead driver and public face of Cay-Shred on


Head of Security

Mimi “Boss Dog” is the head of company security. Don’t let her diminutive size fool you – she has all